June 2015

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Traditional Porch by Covington Design-Build Firms Highland Homes, Inc.


Looking to sell your home? Here are some ways to add curb appeal:
• Clean up. Trim plants and pull weeds to clear your garden space. Wash away dirt and cobwebs from your sidewalks, driveway and walls. Mow and manicure your lawn.
• Replace old furnishings. Update your mailbox, address numbers, lockset and lighting fixtures. New gutters and rainspouts also make your home look new and functional.
• Emphasize your entryway. Paint or replace your front door to draw the viewer’s eye. Polish doorknobs, knockers and other metal furnishings. Dispose of old or dirty welcome mats.
• Paint. A new coat of paint makes your home look fresh. Even updating the trim improves your home’s overall

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