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    About Sun City Hilton Head

    Sun City is the designation created by Del Webb for a type of community designed exclusively for people who are 55 and older. In these so-called "age qualified" developments, one of each home's residents must be at least 55. Permanent residence by individuals under 19 is not permitted, although younger children may visit for up to 90 days per year. Sun City communities across the U.S. cater to the needs and tastes of their residents, using knowledge gleaned from surveys and strategic planning to assure their success. An emphasis on neighborhoods with a wide variety of easily-accessible amenities has promoted the mature lifestyle concept that is so irrevocable recognized as the Sun City "brand".

    Security Features

    The gatehouse located at the front security gate is manned 24 hours a day.

    Sun City Hilton Head: History

    The first Sun City was opened in January 1960 in Phoenix, Arizona. It included a golf course, a recreation center, its own shopping center, and five model homes. The Sun City premise is that people who purchase in these "seniors only" developments want to pursue an active retirement lifestyle among their peers.

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