One of my favorite spring-cleaning tasks is cleaning out my closets. My number one piece of advice; always take everything out of your closet and start fresh. After you have removed everything, you should dust, vacuum or sweep. Giving your closet a deep clean will help your clothing smell fresh.

Once you have a clean blank canvas, it will be easier to organize, sort and decide what you want to keep and what you want to donate. I recommend that you sort your cloths into several piles.

Out with the old, in with the new. A few smart steps can make all the difference when you're cleaning out and organizing your closet.

1) Keep- This pile is for the items you love the most and wear the most.

2) Donate- If you have not worn an item in a very long time, you should donate it.

3) Try On- This pile if for items you are not sure about, haven’t worn in a while and you do not remember how the item looks on you.  

4) Seasonal- This pile is for your favorite Christmas sweater or snowflake legging.  I suggest that you keep these items in a separate storage container.

I also suggest that you have good lighting in your closet.

Categories are important. Develop a system that you can remember. You can group all long sleeve tops together and color code them. When you organize your cloths by color, it helps you pair items together faster. You can also group cloths by where you will wear them (work, casual, dressy). If you live in a area that has multiple seasons, you can group using that category. 

I love open shelves in the closet. It helps you see everything and stay organized. When your closet is organized, everything is easier to find. That means you will always know where your favorite sweater is! When you add shelves to your closet, you will want to customize them to work with the items you have. Example, if you have several pairs of tall boots, you will want to space the shelves to fit the boots. 

I also find that uniformity is important. I use matching hangers, containers, buckets and hooks to help keep my space organized. I have my closet divided into zones: shoes, work-out cloths, work, pajamas. This makes finding items simple and it also makes putting items away faster. I even have a section for "not in the mood right now". Basically when I am tired and not in the mood to put an item away correctly, I will throw it in this section and put it away later, when I am in the mood. 

Happy Spring Cleaning!

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