Moving In

The Sellers will have vacated (unless the Contract stipulated that they could occupy the property afterward as renters) and you, the Buyer, are poised to take possession of your new home! Your attorney will have expedited the transfer of utilities (electrical & water service) at Closing, but you will need to make arrangements for telephone and cable TV/internet on your own.

A copy of your Closing statement (the final HUD) will be needed to demonstrate to the POA (Property Owners' Association) or HPR (Horizontal Property Regime, the condominium manager) in your new neighborhood that you are entitled to such community amenities as permanent gate or parking passes, as well as swimming pool/fitness center access, tennis courts, and golf privileges. Your attorney may have supplied the HUD even before you introduce yourself to your community's representatives, but it's wise to be prepared!

Moving in is exciting and exhausting! Your boxed possessions should have been clearly labeled for each room, so they can be unpacked just once, where they will belong. The last package loaded/the first carton off the truck should contain such essentials as trash bags, toilet paper, light bulbs and a first aid kit. A dustpan and a new broom (for good luck!) are equally necessary. Family and friends may be helping, or you may have hired a professional crew to pack, transport and then unpack your belongings. In either case: lots of cool drinks, simple food, plenty of paper towels and some disposable dinnerware will keep your workers content. Moving Checklist

If you must have young children or pets under foot as you move, package some favorite toys, paper & crayons, books and snacks to entertain them, and be sure they are accessible when you arrive at your new location. If kids have a quiet place to play and to rest, your job will go much easier! Maybe you'd like your move recorded for posterity - suggest to the kids that they draw their new house and how you are working to make it a real home. You'll treasure these illustrations later.

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