What you should know before selling your home in Bluffton, SC

Preparing Your Home For Sale

To maximize your property's appeal, look at it objectively. It doesn't take a lot of money to make a home look fresh. Clean it thoroughly, then take care of worn or dirty spots everywhere. Check that all hardware (such as doorknobs, doorbells, drawer pulls, window latches, etc.) is sturdily attached and that each part operates properly. Set all screens and sliding doors in their tracks and clear out any debris that might hamper their smooth operation. A touchup with fresh paint here and there will refresh rooms that show wear. Unless you have an "exotic" color scheme, it is not necessary to repaint entire rooms, but it is generally acknowledged that light neutral colors are preferred by most buyers. (If you don't want to do this now, you may offer to repaint later as a concession to a Buyer!)

Outside, weed flowerbeds and trim shrubbery and trees regularly. A few flats of seasonal flowers inserted in the beds adds an element of cheer, or you may just put a basket or two for a pop of color on the porch by the front door. Check frequently that the lawn is well irrigated and properly mowed (and that hoses and lawnmowers are put away afterward). Be certain that the home's exterior is clean, too. Empty the gutters and be sure there's no trash or damaged shingles on the roof. You may even need to scrub stains from sidewalks, driveways or garage floors, and remove any green mildew from exterior siding. Bright light bulbs in exterior fixtures welcome guests.

Be sure all windows are routinely washed inside and out, and that doorsills remain free of fingerprints and scuffs. Take care that the kitchen and bathrooms are always disinfected, sparkling brightly and that any clutter is removed from cabinets and drawers. Now is the time to replace washers in drippy faucets or the flapper in that toilet that seems to run endlessly. Even if you are not planning to leave your large mirrors or major appliances, clean those too…potential buyers will peek everywhere!xxxIt's time to cast a truly critical eye on your home's contents – a space that is furnished sparely looks larger and more appealing to strangers. Pack away personal items and knick knacks that make a room look crowded, and put them in storage if you need to, along with out-of-season clothing that makes closets appear overstuffed. Go ahead and get rid of things you don't want to take with you. Even the garage needs to be neat and uncluttered. Now's a great time for a garage sale, even before you put the home on the market!

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