What you should know before selling your home in Bluffton, SC

Hiring A Real Estate Agent

When a Seller signs a listing agreement with an agent, the Seller is actually agreeing as a Client to pay a real estate company that is headed by a Broker-in-Charge. The Broker-in-Charge (BIC), who is typically a senior agent with many years of experience and additional training, oversees the actions and professional activities of the company's agents. So your agent/Realtor is probably acting as a subagent of the broker. The Buyer's agent will also be a subagent of the listing BIC. Your interests are paramount under the law!

As the Seller, you will agree to pay the total negotiated sales commission if a sale occurs during the term of the listing agreement, but you won't receive your net proceeds until the sale is finalized. All of the disbursements made at the closing attorney's conference table are made from the attorney's Escrow bank account. The BIC will pay your agent from the portion of the commission received by the listing company. If you have made a separate agreement to pay a bonus to either your listing agent or to the Buyer's agent for bringing a contract that closes, you may write that check yourself or instruct your attorney to have that amount deducted from your "net" payment.

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