What you should know before selling your home in Bluffton, SC

Pricing Your Home For Sale

A realistic price for a property is based on many factors including supply-and-demand and recent sales of comparable properties. The value of every feature is weighted against properties of similar quality and age, and the sum of these values is approximately what a Seller can expect in a competitive market. In a market where there are NO comparable properties, the value rises; where there’s a glut of inventory, values drop.

Your real estate agent will know and inform you of local market conditions. If yours is a community where there are many properties on the market, you will have plenty of competition for Buyers. If it is a stable neighborhood with well-established long-term residents, your home will have additional appeal. Sometimes these conditions are readily apparent, but often you will need to enlist the services of a Realtor®, a professional real estate agent whose knowledge of the local MLS will help you conclude what price will be appropriate.

Obviously, Sellers want the highest return for equity in their property, while Buyers want the best bargain they can find. A Realtor can help Sellers reach the middle ground by determining the likely price range that will be accessible for qualified Buyers. A real estate agent who agrees to list an overpriced property on the MLS is not doing the Seller any favors by encouraging unrealistic expectations! Interview several agents before you offer your home for sale, and seek the most professional advice that they have to give. A property that starts out overpriced will languish on the market, and even after a series of price reductions make it reasonably affordable, irreparable damage will have been done to its perceived value. Be objective – real estate transactions are a business in which Sellers have to be emotionally detached.

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