Calhoun Street Promenade Real Estate - Bluffton, SC

Located in the heart of Downtown Bluffton is Calhoun Street Promenade. As the town of Bluffton grew, varied types of living were needed to satisfy residents as well as commercial vendors. Calhoun Street Promenade is perfectly that, a small village within Downtown Bluffton that offers a live/work environment. “The Promenade” offers townhome living with businesses on the first level and elegant townhomes above the business space. Enjoy tastefully outfitted townhomes with 2 spacious balconies overlooking all the action of Downtown Bluffton. These sought after townhomes are rarely on the market. When marketed for sale, they can range in price from $150,000 to $200,000.

CALHOUN STREET PROMENADE Real Estate Listings For Sale

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