Using The Services Of A Real Estate Agent

The quickest way to find the right home for your needs is to engage the assistance of a real estate agent who is familiar with local customs, laws, fees, and the market conditions in play in the area. You may want to talk to several agents before you choose the one who will represent you, as this is a personality-driven business. Most properties available for sale are already listed with agents. Professional real estate agents are skilled at negotiating on behalf of their clients. All real estate agents represent the Seller unless the Buyer is represented with a Buyers Agency Agreement. Isn't it wise for you as a Buyer to have your best interests represented throughout the entire real estate transaction?

A real estate agent can help you choose where you really want to live - to decide whether a community is the right environment for your needs and whether it's likely to retain its value in the future. Agents have access to background information about neighborhood schools, shopping, public transportation services, available utilities and other topics that may affect your decision. Although there is usually a great variety of property on the market, the perfect place for you may not be readily apparent. A real estate agent frequently knows of places that may be available, even if they're not actively advertised for sale.

Your agent will be familiar with lenders, inspectors and closing attorneys, and can suggest who may be able to help you complete your property purchase once you have made an offer. As a matter of fact, agents are a super resource for the names of good painters, remodelers, landscapers, service technicians, movers and even the community's best healthcare providers!

Not every licensed real estate agent is a Realtor®! The National Association of Realtors (NAR) has subsidiary units in each state, and membership in these organizations is contingent on a higher standard than state licensure. There is an even greater emphasis on Ethics among professional Realtors - a concentration not just on "the letter of the law" but a commitment to "the spirit of the law" under which Realtors do business!

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