What you should know before selling your home in Bluffton, SC

Targeting The Market

If you can offer better financing terms than your competition, your property will have a distinct sales advantage! If you are willing to offer "Seller financing" to qualified buyers, at a lower rate than they could arrange from another lender, you may be able to put together a nice speedy deal. Just be sure you have investigated the Buyer as carefully as any other responsible lender would do, or you may find yourself taking back the title, and all the costs associated with it. If you have had your property pre-appraised for government financing such as VA or FHA loans (which may be carried over from seller to qualified buyer), your buyers may be able to get an inexpensive mortgage with a smaller down-payment than a conventional bank loan. This can certainly broaden your pool of potential Buyers!

There are actually three groups to which you want to advertise your property. Of course, you want Buyers to find you, but you must also promote your property to your neighbors (who may want their friends and family to move nearer, and who definitely want to see their own property values kept high) and to lots of real estate brokers who may bring you an offer.

Probably the easiest and most effective way to display your property to its best advantage is on the Internet. Post photos, facts, and lists of features that will highlight your home's appeal and it's suddenly accessible around the world, 24 hours a day! Websites like this one offer multi-media presentations showing individual properties of all kinds, as well as community demographics, neighborhood data, and ads from local businesses that make the area a wonderful place to live and work. With over 85% of Buyers beginning their property search online, it is now IMPERATIVE that your listing agent has an extensive and thorough website. More importantly, the website must have top Internet rankings for the real estate appropriate key words or the website (and your property listing) will never be found!

"Open House" showings actually bring people into your property, in a tangible way. You can dedicate a day (or several) for opening your home to observers who may become the next owners. Realtors' Tours open the property to a limited audience, and they, in turn, can then come back again later with Buyer-clients in tow. You will also receive valuable comments from people as they look, if you have made it possible for them to do so anonymously in a guestbook or on "feedback" pages.

Newspapers, magazines and other print media are another way to market your property, although the timeline from print set-up to final distribution make this a less opportune way to advertise. Print also doesn't permit immediate changes to the information on the page, such as price changes or other terms that influence Buyers' decisions to purchase. Flyers and "spec" sheets suffer from this same limitation – and then there's the objection to paper litter when these media are discarded!

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